The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!


Hi everyone that is out there, I go by AMR on all my posts. These are the initials to my name and if you switch them around they spell MAR which is Ocean in Spanish.

One of the main reasons for staring a blog was because my therapist told me something a few weeks ago, and that was that, ” The reason I can’t look and move from the past is because I have no stability, and without stability, I will keep escaping from my life and not dealing with the problems of the past.” In that moment I thought maybe my physical life can not be stable, but a blog can give me stability writing to all of y’all, whoever you might be, and whatever your past is, and wherever you are right now in your life.

Here are somethings to know about me your writer, and I hope one day I can invite contributor writers and maybe even a podcast, let me know what you think?

Well let’s see, I am AMR, and I am currently 21 years old or young. I am currently in a strange part of my life and feel so conflicted with every decision  I take in this life. I am a Capricorn, and sometimes read that stuff for fun, don’t really believe in it, but its fun to read sometimes, I am a christian, and much of my life I have doubted my faith, but don’t make what I believe in be one of the reasons you won’t read what I write on this blog, cause at the end of the day it might help or you will enjoy it. All the post that I will write will be most things I I stand for there is no real genre to the blog if not it is just where I can share everything that pops in my head. I am from Chile, but I have lived around the world my whole life, and I love traveling and If it were me I would take that cruise that is  like $60,000 dollars to travel around the world in a year, but don’t really have that money to spare, so instead I am in a pause in my life to work on my mental and physical health in Peru, and so far it has had it ups and downs, but that is what life is in general right?

Okay so that is it for now,



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