Dorm Room Mood Board

So as one of my very first posts I thought it would be a great idea to show you in a way what my first dorm room looked like. Sadly the pictures have been erased, but gladly I still remember it as if it was just yesterday I was flying from Santo Doming, DR to Greenville, SC for college. I was going to a growing adult getting ready to start the beginning of my career with new roommates and everything. 

This was the time to grow and fly from home, make new friends, find a new church and church community, participate in sports and the arts. Let’s just say I was very stocked for my ID card, which actually came out amazing and I think it was the best out of all that I have gotten. 

So for today I am going to show you a mood board of my room I will try to tag as much if I can find similar products online. Okay lets get started: My color ideas for my dorm were yellow, grey, and white.

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 3.53.42 PM

Yellow Quilt:

Throw Blanket:


Monogram Pillow:

Shoe Storage:

Shower Tote:

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